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  • The Adronis Advancement Classroom

    1 season

    A series of classes containing profound channeled information taught in an online classroom format by Adronis: The Multidimensional Mentor, channeled by Brad Johnson.

    From self-empowerment, to expanded awareness teaching, ET awareness, connecting to the universal mind, developing the art of he...

  • Adronis - Contact Protocols

    1 video

    Adronis, channeled by Brad Johnson, will be providing profound insight on the inner workings of the extraterrestrial community and its association to our world in "Adronis: Contact Protocols."

    From the duties of extraterrestrial super-federations, to the inner procedures of initiating contact ...

  • A Video Guide to Symbol Release Healing

    1 season

    Can you imagine a healing system that can purge all imbalances throughout your being simultaneously? Can you imagine a healing system that is highly integrative in combination with a variety of other healing methods? A healing system that taps into the akashic records to bring balance through the...

  • Harnessing The Force

    1 video

    "Harnessing The Force" is a continuation to our last webinar "Reviving Ancient Mastery." Through this presentation, Brad Johnson will be revealing powerful techniques, methods and philosophies and how one can begin walking the path of the spiritual immortal. He will cover two paths that work with...

  • Adronis - The Human Experiment

    1 video

    Brad Johnson channels Adronis to share powerful and expansive insight on the creation of the human race through 22 different Extraterrestrial races. You will discover more on why the human experiment took place, what led to many different civilizations' rises and downfalls, who were the races kno...

  • The Reality Whisperer Classroom

    1 season

    The Reality Whisperer Classroom is a 2 hour bi-weekly online class where Brad Johnson teaches directly through the higher mind topics that assist in self-transformation, empowerment and enhancement. The goal of the Reality Whisperer Classroom is to help all participants achieve an alignment of ...

  • RaYaR - Healing Resonances

    1 video

    Join Brad Johnson as he channels the feminine counterpart of his own higher self, RaYaR: Singer of Sirius Light. In this PPV Webinar, RaYaR will personally instruct you on how to unlock specific sound frequencies through chants, mantras and resonant tuning that will assist in uplifting your energ...

  • The Adronis Classroom

    1 season

    The Adronis Classroom is a bi-weekly 2 hour online class where Adronis speaks on multidimensional teachings that focus on:
    Ascension Development
    Spiritual and Self-Empowerment Development
    Psychic and Intuitive Training
    The Energy Body & Energy Healing Mechanics
    Galactic Civilizations & Galac...

  • Adronis - Reality Mechanics

    1 video

    Adronis, channeled by Brad Johnson, will be sharing powerful, simple-to-follow techniques on how one can integrate the natural universal laws and the flow of synchronicity into their lives. This presentation will focus on how you can address common setbacks, withdraws and challenges, re-apply the...

  • Adronis & Aridif - Galactic Community

    1 video

    Adronis, channeled by Brad Johnson and Aridif, channeled by Rob Gauthier will be communicating simultaneously through duo channeling. Through this interaction, both energies will be speaking in-depth relating to the understanding of Galactic Community through their own respective celestial cultur...

  • Adronis - Astral Explorations

    1 video

    Find out how you can deeply connect through the ability of astral travel, astral projection and consciously-project out of body experiences. Adronis, channeled by Brad Johnson, takes you on a tour on how the astral plane can exist as your conscious ally. Through this relationship, you can further...

  • Adronis - Magick Revisited

    1 video

    Adronis, channeled by Brad Johnson, discusses the origins of original Magick: from its deliverance to mankind, to mankind's utilization of the primordial force of manifestation. Adronis will also speak on how Magick is returning to the world, and how you can benefit in bringing its essence in you...

  • Expanded States

    1 video

    Brad Johnson takes you on a personal tour on how you can reach expanded states of your consciousness through the process of pure empowerment. Experience powerful meditations and methods that take you deeper into the levels of your subconscious heightening your connection to the essence of spirit....

  • Adronis - Open Forum

    1 video

    Adronis, channeled by Brad Johnson, shares insight on topics and questions that were submitted by the audience in attendance. In this video, Adronis speaks on several subjects including:

    The 13 Master Crystal Skulls
    Bringing Logic & Feeling Together
    Transcending Past Shadow Exper...

  • Adronis - Councils and Star Nations

    1 video

    Brad Johnson, channeler of Adronis, presents a live interactive channeling: "Adronis: Councils and Star Nations."

    Go on a journey with Adronis as he shares information on the structure of planetary, galactic and universal councils. Adronis will also speak on many of the Star Nations who are...

  • Adronis - The Origins of Life

    1 video

    Adronis, channeled by Brad Johnson, speaks on how the origins of life began within our universe. Within this PPV webinar, you will learn how humanity unveiled its beginning, the purposes to incarnation, looking deeper into the potential of human DNA and bonding in a harmonious life connection wit...

  • Channel Nexus

    1 video

    Tune into a Profound, Transformational Experience!

    Channel Nexus is a life-changing channeling webinar featuring 4 profound channelers including:

    Brad Johnson - Channeler of Adronis
    Rob Gauthier - Channeler of Aridif
    Roxanne Swainhart - Channeler of Ocyphius
    Susie Beiler - Channeler of P...

  • Healing Symbols

    1 video

    Through this PPV webinar, you will learn more about the power of healing symbols developed through your natural flow of intuitive connection. Symbols can be utilized effectively to revitalize our being, enhance our abilities and communicate profound universal insights.

    Through our Healing Symb...

  • Adronis - Into the Surreal

    1 video

    Join Brad Johnson as he channels Adronis. Through this exciting multidimensional interaction, Adronis will provide insight on how one can ally themselves with the surreal reality.

    Through this presentation, you'll learn:

    - Techniques to broaden your connection with the sub-conscious.
    - Th...

  • Adronis - Levels of Advancement Volume 2: Questions from the Internet Collective Consciousness

    1 video

    In the second volume of Adronis: Levels of Advancement, you will be able to get a deeper understanding of the channeling state, as well as how to channel instructed from two of the Internet's most popular channels: Brad Johnson and Rob Gauthier.

    You will also discover questions that have bee...

  • Astral Creations

    1 video

    Join Brad Johnson as he shares profound insight on how the mechanics of thought forms and astral technology operate. Not only will Brad share information on how such forms operate, but he will also be instructing you on how to develop certain forms of thought form/astral technology that can assis...

  • Subconscious Mechanics

    1 video

    Through subconscious mechanics, you will learn simple methods on how to invoke conscious awareness to areas of your subconscious mind. The methods can be used for the purposes of memory enhancement, personal guidance, healing techniques, dream memories, enhancing informative download states and m...

  • Adronis: Fourth Density Teachings (Part 1)

    1 video

    Brad Johnson channels bring Adronis: The Multidimensional Mentor through as he speaks on the fundamentals of existing in a fourth density Earth. This webinar will help to bring clarity on the upcoming Earth shift due at the end of 2016, what we can expect, what will be different and how we can fu...

  • Adronis - Building the Light Body

    1 video

    If you have ever wanted to learn how one could travel through their light body, access new dimensions of consciousness, and engage in deeper levels of understanding as a natural receiver to universal intelligence, then get ready to experience a profound event that will assist you in being able to...

  • Adronis - The Hybrid Connection

    1 video

    Brad Johnson channels Adronis and shares detailed insight on the existence of the hybrid races, discloses information on the hybrid programs, speaks on why the hybrid races are here and how you can personally connect with hybrid guides and family members. A guided meditation will be shared throug...

  • Adronis - The Repopulation Protocol

    1 video

    Adronis, channeled by Brad Johnson, will be speaking on the phenomena commonly discussed in the spiritual community regarding:
    Rainbow Children
    Interdimensional travellers
    Super-Federation Fleets/Intervention Fleets

    He will also shed light regarding the purpo...

  • Adronis - Fourth Density Teachings (Part 2)

    1 video

    Adronis, channeled by Brad Johnson, will be sharing deeper profound knowledge as well as integration techniques that can assist you in connecting deeper to the matrix of fourth density. Adronis picks up the discussion where it left off in Part 1 and will paint a vaster picture on what the realm o...

  • Adronis - Navigating the Dimensions

    1 video

    Adronis, channeled by Brad Johnson, will be sharing profound insight on the vibratory mechanics on how one can navigate through the cosmic dimensions transcending the boundaries of space, time and matter. This involves a return visit to constructing and utilizing the light body that was described...

  • Star Languages & Symbols

    1 video

    Discover the ancient languages and symbols used by extraterrestrial civilizations that are now becoming available to use through heightened intuitive connection. Join Brad Johnson as he takes you on a journey looking into several different style of ET languages and the symbols that are portraye...

  • Quantum Classroom - Portals, Vortexes & Energy Seals

    1 video

    The Quantum Classroom takes you on a spectacular journey as we look into the heart of mystical science to understand how ethereal/astral phenomena such as dimensional portals, energy vortexes and the conjuring of invoked seals can be utilized in our daily lives. The Quantum Classroom goes deeper ...

  • Unleashing the Superhuman

    1 video

    You have extraordinary abilities within you: The power to heal your body from any illness, the ability to work with your immune system, the power to heat your body with the breath, increase your body temperature and overcome the cold. Most importantly, you have the ability to become the artchitec...

  • Reviving Ancient Mastery

    1 video

    For thousands of years, our ancestors held the keys to producing longevity within themselves. Ancient secrets that revealed the spiritual road maps to our capabilities as expansive creators. These secrets of masterful techniques will be revealed as Brad Johnson shares his research and personal in...